People, Planet, Passion, Profit

Holeshot1 aims to be a transparent company that wants to lead change by being the change. We want to run our company, how we want to see our countries run and the world run for a sustainable future.

Where The 4% Goes

1% to Social Housing

Heartwood Place provides homes to those in need. Statistics show that $1 invested in helping people get homes equates to $8 dollars generated in the localized community. People can’t get jobs without a home to live. We need to take care of our local communities.

1% to the Environment

Percentage is split equally between tree and ocean initiatives.

1% to our Passion

Fuelled by our passion for MX, SnoX, adventure sports and hunting.

1% Decided by You

Decide which region and sport you want your 1% to go when you place your order. 


The ‘1′ in Holeshot1 represents what we’re trying to do as a company. Every year we give 1% more, starting at 4% of our profits to the 4 pillars of a sustainable company for a sustainable world.

Our Mission

Build awesome products at fair prices.

Adhere to our values – People, Planet, Passion then Profit.

Use our business to change the way other businesses do business for a better future of all earth species.

Our Story

Born into the action sports scene and racing Snowcross for 6 years lead to a passion for anything and everything in regards to Motocross and Snowcross.

Action sports convey the very spirit of what it takes in business, while so many young and new racers have all the energy and will to win – they want it almost too bad and make mistakes that experience and patience can’t replace.

A passion like no other

Aiding the racing scene Holeshot1 helped drive record attendances with our strength with new media – namely digital media. Now we want to apply that strength and our core values to products that support the awesome scene of action sports racing.

Beyond racing though, while travelling the world and noticing that the current state of capitalism isn’t necessarily the right way for many people in the far corners of the world.

Even at home people are barely getting by with the basic necessities of life. Water, Food, Shelter, Healthcare and Education, when populations are thrown into this survival state they’ll do anything to survive and make money. Thus, setting aside the environment, the well being of others and the many others creatures that inhabit this earth in an effort to make a profit. Holeshot1 wants to help change this.

Focused on the future

How did we come so far, and become so focused on amassing monetary wealth, when the environment should be king in any economy, and an environment wealth should be of first priority. For without a healthy environment, what’s the point of a very healthy bank account? If our children can’t draw a healthy breath of fresh air and live healthy lives due to accelerated atmospheric and ocean change, are we truly living the right way?

Since the 1960’s corporate giveaways to charities have gone from 4% to 1%, our public system of stock markets have become much more oriented toward shareholder profit and have become more negligent toward people and the environment.

At Holeshot1 we aim to be a company of change, providing high quality technological products to market that last. When people buy our products they can be reassured by industry leading warranties, while keeping the environment in mind with every decision. We also offset our corporate and customers carbon footprints with our products.

Our commitment

We believe in wagemark, that no executive of any company should make more than 8 times more than the lowest paid employee and that goes for contractual workers as well.

We’re affecting the masses by producing technological devices that the masses require, while keeping sustainability at the very core of our every function.

Continually Improving

Holeshot1 is currently working with the University of Waterloo and their WISE department on developing a revolutionary battery for unmatched charging speed and prolonged battery life. We’re very excited to possibly be a part of a world changing technology that will revolutionize mobile devices, Solar PV and Electric Vehicles.