Research & Development

At Holeshot1 we take Research and Development quite seriously, we want products that last with keeping high quality as a top priority. So we invest our time and set aside a substantial R & D budget to build products that are top of the line.

A groundbreaking discovery

We believe Graphene holds the key to accelerated advancement for the human race, as it will solve many battery issues, environmental issues and increase many efficiencies with electrical grids.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 by two Russian scientists and in 2010 they received a Nobel Prize for their discovery. Their discovery will change our World.

  • Graphene will strengthen our products as it is 200 times stronger than steel
  • Graphene will aid in waterproofing of devices as it’s impermeable
  • Graphene will reduce heat dispersion in electronics as it’s highly conductive (far more than copper)
  • Graphene will aid in battery longevity
  • and much more!


Currently Holeshot1 is working with University of Waterloo and their WISE department in Canada to develop products that are far above industry standard.

We’re focused on the following projects:


Graphene Micro Supercapacitor and Graphene Supercapacitor


Graphene Wiring for reduction in heat and better conductivity in devices and hydro lines


Coating/Spray for great strength and waterproofing of a number of applications


Graphene Solar shingles

Why is Graphene important?

Why is Graphene so important to Batteries and Supercapacitors? Professor Rob Dryfe, University of Manchester explains.

Supercapacitors will change the world

Richard Kaner and Maher El-Kady powered a light for over 5 minutes with a 2 to 3 second charge. The Graphene Supercapacitor will change the world. We aim to incorporate this technology into Holeshot1 products.

Continually Improving

We’re affecting the masses by producing technological devices that the masses require, while keeping sustainability at the very core of our every function.